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Our Inspiration For Zennor Vélo

Premium quality Zennor Vélo cycling kit - check. A couple of handy test riders - check. Inspirational film production company - check. Fantastic film edit - result!

It was towards the end of February when an email from Off The Boat Films landed in our Inbox asking if we would be interested in doing some filming. They had a 6K camera, they were really keen to film some cycling and they were really impressed by our kit. It was a simple decision really and besides, it sounded like it could be fun!

Matt is the main man from Off The Boat Films and his passion for our collaboration was infectious. We discussed storylines and we did loads of research before planning routes which we believed would best show off our kit, our beloved and beautiful Cornwall and Matt's talent for film production.

Take 1. Matt was ready, we were ready and my test riders were ready. On the morning of the shoot, we lost one of our test riders to illness, we had 50-60 mph winds and then it began to snow. A complete whiteout engulfed us. Whilst we have the utmost confidence in our kit and certainly wouldn't describe ourselves as fair-weather riders this weather was just too extreme and unsafe so we stayed indoors and had another coffee.

Take 2. It was dry! Quite a novelty after the previous week's weather not to mention the winter we've had. We had a great few hours riding from atop 'Clay Country' just outside of St Austell heading north to Padstow for coffee and cake from the fantastic Cherry Trees Cafe on the harbour. They have the best carrot cake we've ever tried! Matt was seemingly happy with the shoot and the few snippets we'd seen looked great.

Take 3. Matt wanted more. Matt wanted footage of our riders on the road from which Zennor Velo got its inspiration. The road from St Ives to Lands End which takes you through the village of Zennor on the far north / west coast of Cornwall is simply incredible. It's a tough road to ride as it weaves its way through some rugged terrain with the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop. If you ever visit Cornwall then you really must ride this section of road. Just keep your fingers crossed for some good weather and that's exactly what we did and exactly what we got. 

Matt has produced a fantastic edit which we believe you'll really enjoy. It should give you a feel for Zennor Vélo, who we are, what we are and our inspiration.

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