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Zennor Vélo is a boutique cycle clothing company based in Cornwall, England - where the magnificent coastline and wilderness of the moors, panoramic skies and local legends inspire an outdoors lifestyle and fuels our passion for cycling. We now want to develop and share our passion for cycling and create premium, stylish cycling apparel to suit the best and worst of the British climate.

The name Zennor derives from the village of the same name in Cornwall, which lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty above rocky cliffs and rugged, boulder-strewn, granite hills and moors. Zennor is a romantic, wild and brooding landscape which has been inhabited for over 4,000 years. The road from St. Ives to Lands End rolls through Zennor, which makes for a stunning ride and the perfect test-bed for our products.


From experience comes learning.

The beginning. As children we loved going out and exploring our towns, villages and countryside on our bikes. It gave us freedom, independence, and forged friendships. Nowadays, we still cycle for these same reasons, yet are a little more discerning in our choice of clothing to wear on the road. 

The present. The jeans and T-shirts we wore as children are out. Instead, we want cycling apparel that is functional, looks great and gives us confidence. We want clothing that creates an excitement about the impending ride as we change into our jerseys and bib shorts. We want clothing that is integral to the overall enjoyment and experience of cycling.

Excellent quality, high performance kit isn't cheap. It can often be prohibitively expensive. However, we have also learned that 'to buy cheap is to buy twice'. We have all ended up with kit that doesn't give us the quality or performance we desired when we started our search for that next jersey, jacket or bib shorts. We ended up spending more money than it would have cost for that more expensive item we saw but decided we couldn't afford!

The future.

Zennor Vélo provide premium cycling apparel without the premium price.

We have carefully chosen high quality fabrics, expertly manufactured with a functional, stylish design to provide affordable, premium cycling wear.

Without shareholders to placate we can concentrate on sharing our passion for high quality, performance cycling apparel so you can look great, ride great and be “super happy!”