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Welcome to Zennor Vélo

The Bicycle Clothing Company

Zennor Vélo is a small British bicycle clothing company who design, develop and create road cycling apparel that offers performance through quality, functionality and stylish design. Our focus is the road cycling enthusiast: the cyclist who enjoys the Sunday morning club run; the cyclist who enjoys a mid-week training ride; and the rider whose ultimate challenge is a sportive / endurance event.

We believe that what you wear can influence your state of mind and subsequently influence your performance. Our intention is for our apparel to motivate and inspire you and for your cycling experience to begin as soon as you put our apparel on.

Function is of course essential. We believe in using the best fabrics and components for our apparel and they are beautifully made so they will perform exactly to your needs.  We have chosen Italian fabric from MITI® and WINDTEX®, our zips from YKK®, and our chamois pads from ELASTIC INTERFACE®.

Our apparel is stylishly designed. We believe that the performance of our apparel will speak for itself so our designs are simple yet distinctive. There will be just a couple of small distinctive marks so your friends can recognise that you are wearing Zennor Vélo.

Zennor Vélo will offer premium quality apparel but it won’t charge a premium for its name. We know the feeling of wanting to buy the best performance clothing with a limited budget. It is difficult and often disappointing. We want to see cyclists wearing our apparel and we want to see cyclists inspired to ride. 

Zennor Vélo apparel will only be sold from its own online shop and by local bike shops because we only want our apparel to be sold to cycling enthusiasts by cycling enthusiasts.  We love local bike shops and we value their importance to cycling communities so we will make an undertaking that they will not be undercut online. We also believe that this will reassure buyers of Zennor Vélo that what they pay is the true (albeit excellent) value for the apparel and that they won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.